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New and Used Tire Sales

Are you looking for reasonably priced new or second-hand car tires? If so, we invite you to visit the RedLine TireShop. With a wide array of all-season, summer, and winter tires for vehicles of all makes and models, we are the budget-friendly tire supplier you need.

Alongside our extensive inventory of car tires comes a full suite of tire services. From tire rotation to tire balancing, we do it all. Let us be your one-stop-shop for all of your tire-related needs.

Curious about rates and hours of operation? Contact us at (954) 367-5814 to speak with a trusted representative.

Replace Your Worn Tires Now

Have you noticed uneven tread wear in your car tires or uncommon vibrations when the vehicle is in motion? These are signs that you need to replace your car tires.

Maybe you have known you need to replace your vehicle’s tires for awhile, but you just haven’t found the right tire shop for your needs. Maybe you are looking for an auto garage with tire selections that suit your budget while still meeting your safety standards. Whatever the case, we recommend you visit our shop. Here you will find a wide array of car tires for all seasons, makes, and models. We carry new tires, used tires, and we are more than willing to mount and balance these newly acquired tires for a great rate, too.

High-Performance Tires for You

It does not matter whether you only use your vehicle for short commutes, every motorist needs high-performance car tires. At our shop, we have tires for every make and model. Some of the stock you might find in our shop includes:

  • Winter tires
  • Touring
  • Truck and SUV tires
  • Temporary spares
  • Summer
  • All-season
  • Performance tires
  • And more

Would you like to learn about our inspection standards and the reputable tire manufacturers whose products we carry? Contact us whenever you wish.


Tire Replacement Services Made Easy

We know how important your vehicle is to your daily life. That is why we want to get your new tires mounted and aligned in an appropriate time frame. When you work with us, you never have to worry about long waiting periods. Between our accommodating facilities and our years of experience, you’ll get your car back on the road in little time at all.

Great Rates on Tires

We price our vast inventory of car tires with the average motorist in mind. Look to us when you want great deals on new and second-hand Michelin tires, Firestone tires, BF Goodrich, and everything in between.

Purchase New Tires Now

From brand new tires to tires that are just new to you, we carry it all. Visit our shop and we will find you the most suitable car tires for your vehicle—and for your budget.

Rest assured, we inspect all of our tires closely to ensure that they meet our high-performance standards. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come up during the shopping process. Our professional yet personable staff are here to address all of your concerns.

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